The 8 Rules To Make Any Bachelor Party Barcelona Awesome

The thing about bachelor parties is that the next one should be better than the previous one. Every bachelor party needs to be memorable and awesome. They need to be perfect. They need to be able to make you have a good time and satisfy your desires. So, how do we ensure a smooth-sailing bachelor party at the best clubs Barcelona? Take these simple tips.

If You Want Awesome, Be Awesome

The very first secret to having a good time at a bachelor party Barcelona is to be awesome. Now, if you aren’t that confident, make sure you tag along a person who knows what awesome is. They should be that one person who is the life of the party. They should know what to do to make just the right thing to get everything in order. Make sure they are the loudest person in the room. After all, you need to know if you already have an awesome time. This person will be your measure.

Bring A Funny Guy

The more fun people there is, the more awesome it gets. Tag along a person who knows just how to crack everyone up. The best choice would be a person who knows a lot of movie quotes and use them from day to day that you start to wonder if they have their own personality or if they’re just living off imitating others. These kinds of people will save you from the awkward silence and will keep you away from pointless thoughts that may come during the night while you are at the bachelor party in Barcelona.

More People Equals Fun But More People Also Equals Hard Decisions

It is also important to take not of how big the group is. Sure, you need a lot of people and make sure they are varied in character to keep the laugh going. But, it should not be too big so that when you are deciding, you don’t need a lot of opinions. It makes it easy to decide when your group is small; thus, more time on the fun. Also, take note that you need to keep the balance between single guys and relationship guys. Too much of one category will bring you to failure.

Falling In Love Is Banned

It’s a party, not a blind date or something. Refrain from keeping a guy who thinks he’s the most romantic person in the world and start talking to a stripper at a bar, asking for apology for your actions. The main purpose of a bachelor party Barcelona is to promote friendship among the guys. This kind of person will ultimately exchange your friendship for a make-believe romance.

Alcohol First, Then Strippers

Speaking of strippers, they should be there to do their job and entertain you. Don’t invite a stripper so early in the evening as it will only be boring later on. It’s awkward when you’re completely sober and have a girl give you a dance. Make sure that you’re already buzzed when the strippers come in. 

Party In A City With An Activity

A bachelor’s party isn’t just about spending the night drunk and wasted. Remember, it’s all about strengthening the bond between your friends. Try a lot of activities and choose a destination where there are lots of them. There are many things that you can do. It can range from the active adventure activities like swimming, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking to more relaxed ones like gambling, sight-seeing, and eating. This is why having a small group is important. You get to decide quicker and do more things at a bachelor party Barcelona.

Get Energized

When you’re in a party, you are in for a long night. There’s going to be a lot of fun and activities. Make sure you are prepared for those. You don’t want to fall asleep just as the fun starts to pick up, right? Condition yourself before the party. Drink energy drink if you can and make sure to empty your schedule out the next day so you don’t worry about staying up too late and missing your appointments. The secret is to be prepared enough and strip yourself off of the worries so you have more room in your head about fun.

Spend, Spend, SPEND

You are bound to spend a lot of money if you are going to be with these guys and doing activities as soon as they feel like doing them. You’re there to have a good time and good times are not free, most of the cases. Be sure that you have enough budget for the night out. It might be best to keep some cash handy in your wallet and your credit cards within your reach. Also, be mindful of your money so as not to go very overboard and regret it later on a bachelor party Barcelona.

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