Five Simple Hacks To Make Your Flying Experience Better

Depending on who you are, your experience of flying by air can fall anywhere between disastrous to pleasant to uber-luxurious. From that search for the cheapest flight ticket to that window vista of breath-taking clouds, air travel is quite a journey. 

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This journey, however, can be made better by following smart tricks and travelling hacks. Have a look at a few we have curated for you. These smile hacks will not just help you make your journey more comfortable, but also ensure you get the best experience on air.

Avail the Frequent Flyer Program

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By joining this program, you show your loyalty to the airline. Which in turn opens up a number of member benefits for you, for example free flights in case of enough flyer miles.

Cut Your Cache To Spend Less Cash

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To ensure you get the freshest and cheapest flight tickets available, clear out your browsing histories and cookies.

Use a Seat Plan

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In order to get the best available seat, try sites like SeatGuru or SeatMaestro to browse through seat maps. This way you can choose a seat with perks that you want, like for instance, more legroom, or a seat away from the washroom. You can also gauge which seat is the best based on the customer reviews offered on these sites.

Share Flight Details With Car Rentals

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While sharing details, include your flight number to your car rental agent, in case of a reservation. This way they can check if the flight is delayed and know when to expect you.

Bring a Multi-Plug Adapter

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This is extremely important, especially for international flights. If you are traveling with a large group or family, bring an adapter with multiple outlets so more people can use it.

Buy Access To Premier Lounges

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You don’t have to be a first class passenger to avail the services of an exclusive lounge. You can just buy a one-day pass and indulge in all the luxurious amenities you want.

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