Coworking Space Benefits and Downsides
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Coworking or also often called as collaborative working is a style of work in which people from different company gather in the same place to do their independent work. This style of working is popular because of its networking benefit and moreover is believed to bring a more productive work environment. In effect, this style of working needs a particular space to do the work. It is often called as coworking space. In that place, people from different professional background are free to trade ideas and gain a new network. You can find a bunch of people generate new and fresh perspective by meeting other people from different point of view.

There are many reasons why coworking space is gaining popularity. First, as mentioned above, many people believe that by doing a collaborative work, they can build a new networking while still being productive. Nowadays, networking becomes one of the most important things you should have if you want to gain more experiences in professional world. Therefore, the idea of meeting new people is interesting and also tempting. Second, working alone can sometimes be stressful. Therefore, through the establishment of such space, whenever you feel stuck with your work, you can just go to this working space and hopefully generate new ideas or find new inspirations afterwards.

The downsides may include distractions from people around while you are trying to be serious. This case sometimes happens especially if you are a type of person that needs silence to work productively. Furthermore, you are also required to pay some contributions. So, if you are not a regular working space user, this option may not be favorable. Nevertheless, the existence of coworking space has provided great help for those in dire need of a collaborative workspace. Hopefully, this trend won’t be another hype that will fade as time goes by.

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